Lessons at Green Meadow Farm are offered from March through November.

Whether you are a first time or returning student who is interested in signing up for lessons at Green Meadow Farm, the first step is to fill out our Lesson Inquiry Form below. This will help us better assess where your family’s needs currently lie. When the Inquiry Form is received, we will call you to specifically answer any questions you might have, decide if and when your child can be scheduled to come for lessons, decide on a tour, etc. Please note that we are operating from a waiting list. We prayerfully and carefully place each child with an instructor about a month before each 10-week lesson season begins in the spring, summer, or fall. This means that by mid-February, mid-May, and early August, we will call those who have neared the top of the list to inquire about their availability to come for lessons at that time.

A few important things to know before committing to lessons:

– We are a Biblically-based, equine-assisted, mentorship program. We are not a riding program, and we are not licensed therapists. We are a group of people who love Jesus and care deeply for hurting kids and families. We offer thoughtful, one-on-one mentorship lessons that involve learning how to build deeper connections with horses, people, and God all while having a lot of fun!

– While many of our students do eventually ride horses, this is not necessarily the goal or objective for lessons. Each student’s readiness for riding will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our horses do have a riding weight limit of 200 lbs. If the student weighs more than the riding limit, they are still very encouraged to come, participate, and experience the fun of developing a powerful relationship with a horse from the ground. If the student is not emotionally or mentally prepared to ride a horse, we will also provide many fun, alternative activities. There are a lot of wonderful things to do at Green Meadow Farm!

– We ask that when your name makes it to the top of the waiting list and you have agreed to a lesson spot, that you make attending your scheduled lesson a priority in your weekly schedule. When illnesses or unforeseen emergencies arise and you need to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice, as much as possible. If a pattern of 2 or more unexplained latenesses or no-shows develop, we will need to discuss terminating lessons at that time. We believe our program and instructors’ time is valuable and want to make sure you are receiving the full benefit of your season at the farm.

– We offer lessons to children between the ages of 6 – 18 years old. Because we are working from a waiting list, you may certainly apply before your child is 6, but we will wait until after their 6th birthday before we schedule them for lessons. Also, we know that you may have more than one child interested in lessons. In a few cases, we may be able to schedule them at the same time. However, it is more likely that your children will need to come for lessons at different times or during different seasons.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Lesson Inquiry Form below. We will be in contact with you soon and look forward to you coming to Green Meadow Farm to experience horses and farm life and find some refreshment, renewal, and rest.

Other means of contact:

Email: lessons@greenmeadowfarm.org 

Phone: 717-271-1044