The biggest gift you can give to Green Meadow Farm is the gift of praying specifically for our program.  Without God’s provision and guidance, we would not be able to help any of these kids – and it is only through his Spirit that we are able to facilitate healing their lives.

Will you please commit to praying for us and with us on all that goes on and happens at Green Meadow Farm?   To partner with us in this way, use the form below to subscribe to our Prayer List.

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Here are some ongoing and consistent requests that we have:

  • That God would bring the kids to Green Meadow Farm who truly need the kind of healing available here.
  • That the staff and instructors would be able to perceive the needs of the kids and their families and minister well to them.
  • That the animals and farm would remain healthy and productive as they serve this ministry.
  • That the friends and supporters of Green Meadow Farm would continue to increase and that the needs of the ministry would continue to be met.

Thank you so much!!