John and Beckie Thompson – Founders of Green Meadow Farm

Founders John and Beckie Thompson have had a heart for horses and hurting kids for many years, although they never owned horses of their own. While leading a sponsorship based fundraiser to assist couples with the enormous costs of adoption, their eyes opened simultaneously to both the joys and the struggles that families face once they have adopted their precious children.

They felt strongly that this would be a way for their farm and horses to be a bridge of hope. In addition, they felt that the bridge should extend to other emotionally hurting children.

Very soon some amazing people came into their lives who had similar passions and necessary horse skills. It seemed abundantly clear that this was indeed the direction in which they were to walk. As they shared the vision, support began to come in the form of encouraging words and funds. Over and over again, God has provided. He continues “restoring joy in the journey” to all who are involved. This is the tagline for Green Meadow Farm.

Our History & Vision

We, John and Beckie, moved to Green Meadow Farm in the summer of 2004 when we purchased 23 acres of the original farm from Beckie’s parents.  So I guess you could say John was drawn to the farm by marrying the farmer’s daughter! John and Beckie returned to the farm that she grew up seeing her parents share with so many others, ready to follow in their footsteps.

John’s heart is to create an environment that fosters an atmosphere of peace and beauty through his hard work, creativity, and perseverance. In addition, our team is well aware that we could not do this without his administrative abilities.  Beckie’s heart is to encourage the wonderful staff, welcome children and families, and continue to learn and grow through our journey together.

The mission statement for the farm is: Connecting children and families, with horses and farm life, to bring refreshment, renewal and rest. We believe that God’s unconditional love, the horses, sheep and other animals that live here, together with the beauty found on the farm will make this vision a reality in many lives.

On the farm you often see John on his tractor, making hay, mowing, and caring for the farm. He loves to sing to the birds, and they sing back. He occasionally casts a fly rod (which doesn’t happen often enough). Beckie enjoys have folks over for dinner, walking in the meadow and sitting with her feet in the creek (which doesn’t happen often either).

They have two sons: Aaron and his wife, Sofia, live and work in San Francisco. Evan works for Apple in Cupertino, CA as an electrical engineer.

On warm summer nights, John and Beckie love sitting on the back porch watching the fireflies and listening to the creek rippling in the meadow below. When they need to get away, their favorite place to go is the BEACH!