A family support team member will be paired with your family during your lesson slot.

Parents are required to stay on the property for the duration of their child’s lesson. We encourage parents to make use of the ‘waiting’ space we have created for them. They can enjoy resting and a time of quiet in the Pasture Peace, soaking in God’s creation. In case of inclement weather, our ‘Storm Shelter’ (both from weather and storms in life), is also available to parents with a fireplace, Keurig, prayer wall, and coloring area for children.

Family support members are here to be a listening ear for parents.

They are available to pray for them and come alongside them during their time here. If siblings come along, they sometimes lend a hand in getting to know and care for them as well. The amount of interaction with your family support member during your time here is completely up to you. Some parents enjoy having someone to talk to and share their story with, and others simply need a time of rest.

All of our family support team members are volunteers with a heart for families.

They desire to support parents as best they can during their time here.

Our greatest hope for each parent and sibling is that they truly find rest and quiet from the noise of life and in so doing, come to hear and know the voice of the Good Shepherd while they are at Green Meadow Farm.

Chatting in the Family Support Room