Our unique and wonderful horses will be paired with one leader and one child for a 90-minute lesson. The lessons which we offer free of charge, are flexible, allowing that time to best serve the unique needs of the children. There will be occasions where a parent will be asked to be part of the lesson if the family challenges would best be met in this way.

The 90-minute lesson will include: 

  • Chores: The first part of the lesson is typically a 10-15 minute time in which the child will help their leader with a chore around the farm. This is an important time of interaction between the two while building character as the child can give back to the farm in a small way. This time is designed to teach the importance of serving others by giving through the work of your own hands. Chores bring an opportunity for children in knowing that their efforts can make a difference to the farm.
  • Working with horses: Children have the opportunity to not only learn how to ride a horse, but also how to care for, handle, and build a relationship with a horse. Through the horse’s unique ability to connect with people, an emphasis is placed on learning good communication skills and creating healthy attachment. Activities that foster this can include riding through obstacles, painting a horse, or tending to their nutrition and medical needs.
  • Experiencing Farm Life: During the remainder of the lesson, a variety of activities can take place. These include, playing in the hayloft, wading in the stream, playing with chickens, petting the sheep, brushing the cats, helping in the garden, gathering treasures found around the farm, and making a craft to help remember their time at the farm.


Respite For Parents

During the child’s lesson, we require that the child’s parent, guardian or approved caretaker be on the property. Oftentimes siblings or friends will need to attend with the family who is not scheduled for a  session.

We hope for this time to be relaxing and enjoyable for all who come. Parents or guardians are welcome to explore the farm as well.

You are welcome to read, relax, or simply take in the natural beauty of the farm by seeking out one of the many places on the farm for quiet reflection.

Although it would seem that the main priority of our program is for the children, we have set aside the Pasture Peace as a place that brings respite to parents. Over the past years, we have heard from many parents that this place of quiet has brought rest to their souls.

What to bring (and what NOT to bring) to a lesson:

Required Attire:

  • Long pants that cover the ankles
  • Close-toed shoes with a back – Sneakers, and boots are recommended
  • Water for your child
  • Sunscreen

Things NOT to wear/bring:

  • Loose/dangling articles that could get caught (such as necklace, scarf, etc.)
  • Sandals, high heels or flip-flops
  • Spaghetti Strap sleeves or revealing shirts

Additional Suggestions:

    • Hat for sun protection
    • Chapstick
    • A snack for your child
    • Sunglasses