This organization would not exist without the generous donation of time, talent, and treasure.  We appreciate all of the many friends and supporters who have made it possible for us to minister to these families.

Here are a few ways to help us:

  • Pray: Without this, we could not do anything – please join our prayer team today!
  • Monetary Donations: Help defray the cost of horse care, staff pay, and farm maintenance.
  • Become a Volunteer: Help care for the animals and the farm year round.  
  • Donate items: Material and services that you – or your business – have can be very helpful.  
  • Community Events: Come on out and join us at our awareness and fundraising events throughout the year.
  • Word of Mouth: Share GMF Facebook events, brochures, books, etc. with friends and family.  

Promotional materials can be obtained by contacting