Green Meadow Farm is a privately owned, non-profit organization created specifically to help children and youth – and their families – overcome struggles produced by trauma and emotional difficulties. Kids are enrolled in weekly lessons that use horses and farm life in general to teach values of responsibility, trust, hope, faith, and family.

Founders John and Beckie Thompson have had a heart for horses and hurting kids for many years, although they never owned horses of their own. While leading a sponsorship-based fundraiser to assist couples with the enormous costs of adoption, their eyes opened simultaneously to both the joys and the struggles that families face once they have adopted their precious children. They felt strongly that this would be a way for their farm and horses to be a bridge of hope. In addition, they felt that the bridge should extend to other emotionally hurting children. Together with a team of people with similar passions they purchased and were donated horses, repurposed parts of the barn and property for these lovely creatures, and began welcoming children and families to participate in lessons the spring of 2012.

Today, a very capable and consistent group of volunteers work with the staff and instructors to ensure that the farm is maintained, the animals are well cared for, and the children feel at home and free to discover whatever God has for them during their ten weeks on the farm.

Weekly lessons are provided by instructors who come with rich life experience and varied training, and are given additional training and continued support from the staff. They mentor children during three specific sessions that begin in the spring and run into the fall of each year. Parents sign their children up for lessons in one of these sessions, and are paired with an instructor who partners with them to creatively personalize their lessons. Each instructor’s prayer is to help their student take steps of overcoming in areas of individual struggle.

The organization is run entirely on the donations of material and money by those drawn by the spirit and passion of helping children in need through God’s creation and creatures.