Lessons at Green Meadow Farm are offered from March through November.

If you are interested in signing your child up for lessons both first time and returning students, the first step is to fill out our Lesson Inquiry Form. This will help in first conversations with new families and give us a heads up in evaluating where our past families/students needs lie at this time. When the Inquiry Form is received we will call you to specifically answer any questions you might have, decide if and when your child can be scheduled to come for lessons, decide on a tour etc. We truly look forward to talking with you in person.

Other means of contact:

Email: lessons@greenmeadowfarm.org 

Phone: 717-271-1044

Please note we operate from a waitlist. We prayerfully and carefully place each child with an instructor and fill our slots one month before each session begins. This means that mid-Feb, mid-May, and early August, we will be calling those on our waitlist. We love talking with you and being able to have so many of you come to Green Meadow Farm to experience horses and farm life and find some refreshment, renewal and rest.

Preferred method of contact:* CallTextE-mail

Lessons are held 90 minutes each week, for 10 weeks, spring, summer and fall.

We know that you will likely miss one or two lessons but we have a long waitlist and want to make sure that your time here is workable for your schedule and is a priority for you. We can not promise to make up lessons that you miss. If our instructors have a conflict they will almost always find a replacement for that lesson or reschedule at a convenient time for both parties.

Is there a season that would be more difficult for you and your child to consistently come for their 10 week session due to sports, other activities or vacations?

Is your child extremely sensitive to hot or cold weather? This may help in determining a good fit for session block for them.NoYes

Is your child homeschooled? NoYes

If you feel it would be helpful, you can schedule a tour. We hold tours on Saturday Mornings at 10 a.m.

Are you interested in a tour? NoYes